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Starlight: Defence Command

Update - Version 1.3

Posted Tue, September 26, 2023

Hi all,

A few more fixes and another general engine update to keep it current. There have been some updates to the enemy scaling and difficulty. The difficulty levels have been set to Normal, Hard and Extreme now with some changes to the scoring.


  • Gamemaker engine updated to current.
  • Input 5 module updated to Input 6.
  • Steam integration updated to current.
  • The Load button will only appear on the Assignment screen now if there is an autosave available. This is so that new players can identify the Connect button easier.
  • The difficulty setting have been changed to Normal, Hard and Extreme with score multipliers set to x1, x1.5 and x2 respectively.
  • Salvage and health has been amended on all enemies to reflect the scaling change. It should now be a bit easier on Normal than previously but Extreme now offers a harder challenge.


  • Fixed an issue with enemies not being revealed at Sight Range correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with Sgt Lin not moving properly after being hit in the 5th assignment.
  • When a new assignment is issued, it will automatically switch to the new mission.
  • Updated some spelling mistakes in various dialogues.